Monday, December 28, 2009

Do squirrel eat carrots?

Yes. They're scavengers and omnivores. They eat pretty much anything. :)Do squirrel eat carrots?
Squirrels will eat any vegetation. The grey squirrel is arguably the most destructive animal in the UK when it comes to farmers produce. The grey squirrel is of the rat family, unlike the indigenous red squirrel which is not related to the rat and not nearly destructive.Do squirrel eat carrots?
YES they eat ANYTHING, frenchfries, carrots, chocoalte....
Yes. Many squirrels enjoy the wholesome goodness of carrots.
Yes, %26amp; if you shread the carrot %26amp; mix it with bird seed, they will eat that too.
Yep squirrels they are vegans.

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Yes. Especially if you have a garden.
wild carrots
do maus eat poo?
They mostly eat your mom. ohhhhhhhhhh

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